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The Only Citizen, is a Global Citizen

As the world continues to become more interconnected, our ability to understand and appreciate the differences in others is the only way we can thrive as a community.  We use music, art and community events to create welcoming places and spaces of possibility that foster shared experiences powerful enough to transform lives, connect cultures and generate unity.

With Your Help We Can Keep LEAF Alive!

As we continue to maneuver through COVID-19 LEAF has not slowed down! We have introduce a Global Classroom to our program offering on Monday, Wednesday, Friday as well as opening our center up to the community on Saturday and Sunday. LEAF International continues to preserve culture in 10 countries around the globe, majority of which have been able to re-open after the initial COVID shut down. We continue to do community outreach, equity advocacy and provide economic opportunities for local musicians and artists. 

That's what we as an organization do. This is how we show up in the world. And we wouldn't be able to do it without you, our community. And now we need your help. As you know, we are looking to raise critical funds to sustain our organization and continue to serve our community. If you're able, please consider giving to LEAF today.

You can Join/Renew LEAF Membership or share additional donations to keep this important work flowing! If you prefer to do by phone, just email with your phone # and we will call you.

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