Use your voice. spread love.

Wear your heart on your sleeve. Shop with purpose. Live the "leaf-style".

The Only Citizen, is a Global Citizen

As the world continues to become more interconnected, our ability to understand and appreciate the differences in others is the only way we can thrive as a community.  We use music, art and community events to create welcoming places and spaces of possibility that foster shared experiences powerful enough to transform lives, connect cultures and generate unity.


Our products serve two goals: raise funds and raise awareness.

The proceeds from LEAF STYLE directly support efforts to preserve cultures, cultivate communities, build equity and spread love. Purchasing LEAF products shows the world that you are not only a global citizen but a "culture keeper" . Wear with pride. Spread LEAF Love.

Support YOUR Cause

We are proud to work within different capacities to share our vision of an interconnected world of artistry, equity and cultural diversity. Our different programs inspire and connect different groups of people from their navigators, the program leaders to the donors. We have brought collections inspired by the different avenues we take to affect change in order directly connect our customers with our mission. With your help and commitment, we are making significant strides in building community and protecting cultures. Purchases from these collections will go directly to support these programs.



LEAF Festival is an inter-generational celebration of world culture that uses music, arts, and creativity to champion artistic expression, instill cultural competency, and build a diverse & welcoming community. LEAF Festival takes place on the site of the old Historic Black Mountain College with a stunning array of rolling hills, lakes, streams, and mountain beauty on hundreds of acres of comfortable camping grounds. LEAF scours the globe for artists, musicians, performers and facilitators that are not only masters of their craft, but who also care deeply for the power of arts education and family engagement.

Are You Ready for LEAF Global?

LEAF Global invites you to travel the world through immersive music & art experiences & cultural connections, fostering global citizenship and opening pathways of understanding…for kids to elders. LEAF is creating a Global Arts Center in the historic Club Del Cardo on Eagle Street with plans to open in August 2019.This engaging experience is being designed for “Cultivating Cultural Curiosity” while honoring the rich history of the place. Locals and visitors can enjoy educational experiences rooted in music, art, community and culture.

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